opening hours : Mon - Fri | 07:00 am - 03:00 pm
Location : 150 E. 4th Place, Suite 202 | sioux falls, sd
opening hours : Mon - Fri | 07:00 am - 03:00 pm
Location : 150 E. 4th Place, Suite 202 | sioux falls, sd
Welcome to Brioux Falls

Where Coffee Meets Convenience

About Us

Discover Brioux Falls:
Brewing Excellence in The Steel District

Welcome to Brioux Falls, where exceptional coffee meets convenience with the vibrant pulse of The Steel District. Born from a vision to redefine the coffee experience, our strategically located destination caters to the busy on-the-go lifestyle of professionals, visitors, and residents. At Brioux Falls, personalized service is our hallmark—our friendly staff takes orders personally, creating authentic connections. As The Steel District and Falls Park evolve, so does Brioux Falls, seamlessly adapting and growing with the community.

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Make Brioux Falls your go-to destination for quality coffee and quick bites
The Berry Pink lotus drink

Brioux Falls Recommended Drinks

hot latte
Flavored Latte
Espresso blended with steamed milk, offering a delightful twist with your choice of flavor infusion
iced mocha
Decadent blend of espresso, rich chocolate, and velvety steamed milk for an indulgent, irresistible delight
chai tea latte
Chai Tea Latte
A warming embrace of spiced black tea and steamed milk, crafting a cozy and flavorful indulgence
caramel macchiato
Caramel Macchiato
Luscious caramel drizzle over espresso and steamed milk for a sweet, layered coffee experience
hot chocolate
Hot Chocolate
A comforting blend of rich cocoa and steamed milk, creating a warm, indulgent treat for any occasion
iced matcha latte
Matcha Latte
Vibrant green tea powder meets steamed milk for a rich, velvety fusion of earthy and creamy goodness
blended mocha frappe
Blended Mocha Frappe
Indulge in a frosty fusion of rich coffee, ice, and cream, creating a deliciously refreshing treat
green apple lotus
Green Apple
Lotus White Energy, sweet & sour mix, green apple, lime syrups over ice
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Why Choose Us

Brioux Falls: Elevate Your Coffee Experience

Discover Brioux Falls, an urban grab-and-go coffee stop nestled in the heart of The Steel District, downtown Sioux Falls. Savor premium handcrafted coffee and gourmet options crafted with care. With a prime location, we offer a dynamic experience, welcoming you to an oasis where each cup tells a story of excellence. Choose Brioux Falls for a quick, delicious, and elevated coffee experience in the vibrant heart of the city.

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    Driven Perfection in Every Sip
    Savor the exceptional with our coffee, proudly sourced from Driven Coffee Roasters. Immerse yourself in rich, meticulously roasted beans that deliver a symphony of flavor, embodying the essence of quality and craftsmanship in every cup.
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    Farm-Fresh Dairy Excellence
    Discover a world of farm-fresh delight with our curated selection of dairy essentials. Sourced from a community of dedicated local farmers, our lineup features wholesome milk, creamy yogurt, and other delightful dairy treats. Indulge in the richness of nature's goodness, straight from the farm. Taste the difference of quality and care in every sip and spoonful, as we bring you the essence of pure dairy bliss - one cup at a time.
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